What To Expect On Diamond Beach

Girl Standing on the stairway at Diamond Beach In Nusa Penida

What Is Diamond Beach?

Diamond Beach on Nusa Penida boasts one of the most spectacular views on the island and is just a short walk away from the famous and touristy Atuh Beach.

Diamond Beach offers the most picturesque glistening white sand, coconut palm trees, turquoise blue water, and is the epitome of paradise for many people.

It is not just the beautiful views from the actual beach that draw people in, but the views overlooking the beach from the edge of the cliff.

From the many viewpoints above, you can look out over the spectacular turquoise water and you can see the little island outcrop that gave Diamond Beach its name.

Did you know that just a few years ago, you couldn’t go down to Diamond Beach? That’s right, the stairs are a new addition built in 2018 that lead to the gorgeous beach.

Diamond Beach from a Distance

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Diamond Beach Is Climbing The Popularity Staircase

Since the dawn of Instagram fame, Diamond Beach is quickly becoming an Instagram hot spot. You will almost always find hordes of photographers that are eagerly vying for the perfect snap on top of the stairs.

So, if you too seek the perfect photo, this may take a while… Unless you come at the right times.

The sad truth is that most people don’t even make it down past the steps. So, ironically, the beach itself is actually very quiet and a great spot to relax!

Byron sitting before the stairs at Diamond Beach

What Else Does Diamond Beach Have To Offer?

There is a little warung (restaurant) down at the beach and one of the most famous swings on Nusa Penida makes Diamond Beach its home. We were very happy with our 10k to 20k spends and weren’t keen to stretch into the hundreds for five minutes on the swing, but if you don’t mind the extra cost it’s totally worth the experience!

Our Journey To Diamond Beach

We first visited Atuh Beach and after spending some time there, made our way over to Diamond Beach – in time to catch sunset.

Did you know that Atuh Beach and Diamond Beach are right next to each other, separated only by a promontory.

The stairway down to Diamond Beach is the most beautiful stairway on the island and really sets the scene well. Naturally we waited a while for the tourists to leave but eventually made our way down passed them.

Once we passed the top few stairs we had the walk to ourselves as well as the beach!

So if you’re looking to really enjoy the beauty of Diamond Beach without the masses of tourists, sunset would be the time to arrive. This is because most day visitors have to leave before sunset in order to make it back to their boats in time.

Diamond Beach Stairs

Vital Visitor’s Information

The Best Place To Park

Keep in mind that Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach are right next to each other, and Atuh Beach is accessible from two sides.

Be sure to search “Diamond Beach” or “Atuh Beach Parking” on Google Maps as simply saying Atuh Beach will take you to the less-than-ideal entrance. Plus, you needn’t pay for parking here.

We parked next to the hut, before the final downhill upon seeing locals riding it with caution. It looks quite doable, but five minutes of walking isn’t a train smash either.

Riding a scooter or motorcycle on Nusa Penida is quite the talking point!

How Much Does Diamond Beach Cost?

It’s purely donation-based, so 10K IDR each should be the minimum. You will see the sign and bucket on a little hut prior to accessing the beaches.

As we began making our way down the stairs to Diamond Beach, it seemed as if a local tour guide was trying to call us and make us pay more, but he only called us once. We turned around and he was distracted by another couple. After a while he must have gone home; he wasn’t there on our way back. Hence we are not actually sure if they charge you more at the steps or not… I would hope not…

The Best Time To Visit Diamond Beach

The best time to visit Diamond Beach would be during low tide if you are coming to swim and relax on the beach.

We also suggest going in the early morning before the tour companies arrive or after they have left. The tour companies normally start arriving around 10:00 am and leave before 5:00 pm.

Diamond Beach truly is beautiful! Do you plan to make it down to the bottom? Have you been already? Let’s chat in the comments!

Tammy climbing up the stairs at Diamond Beach

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Diamond Beach From atop the cliff

Need Some Extra Nusa Penida Help?

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How Do I Get To Nusa Penida?

If you are visiting from Bali, you can take a day trip to Nusa Penida.

You can also go by yourself and spend a little longer on the island, which we highly recommend! We ended up staying for a week!

In order to get there, you will have to travel from Sanur harbor in Bali by speedboat or ferry to Nusa Penida. We were told our 30-minute speedboat trip would take 45, but it was a lot quicker than that. Simply book your ticket below!

➩ Book here: Sanur to Nusa Penida

Or search your own Southeast Asia travels on 12Go Asia.

How Do I Get Around On Nusa Penida?

Once on the island, you will have to rent a bike or scooter. It cost us IDR 390k for the week which was a little better of a deal compared to the standard IDR 70k a day. The island is just too big to walk. Also, since the island isn’t as built up yet, they only have one well-maintained main route that connects all of the attractions, which means that you will have to travel about 45 minutes between each attraction.

WARNING: The roads to all the attractions are very bumpy and are not regularly maintained. Be very careful when driving! Byron and I drove a bike in Thailand for 2 years and there were still times on the island where we almost slid out and we watched many young couples fall! Be careful…but also, it’s not impossible…

Read more about the Nusa Penida roads here.

It’s worth mentioning that we absolutely loved driving here, gladly cruising for three or more hours a day because of the spectacular scenery, quiet roads, authentic local lifestyle and fresh air. Our favourite spot to unleash the motorcycle yet.

Where To Stay On Nusa Penida

There are many accommodation options on Nusa Penida. It all really depends on what you are looking for and what your price range is. 
We also recommend using Airbnb since they have a lot more budget-friendly options.

We are looking for:
Budget-Friendly ➩ Arie Guesthouse  (We stayed here)
Unique ➩ Penida Bambu Green
Luxury ➩ Kompyang Cottage

➩ When you first sign up to Airbnb and book using our code you can score up to R600 off of your first booking and R225 towards an experience!

Where To Go After Nusa Penida

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