Lindfield Victorian House Museum

Close up on a Victorian Parlour-maid

Visiting the Lindfield Victorian House Museum is like taking a step back in time…

Do you ever just sit and wonder what it would have been like if you were born in a different time? Would you be the same type of person? What would you be doing?

I am a huge lover of history and I often romanticise the idea. Although, I do look at things from the biased viewpoint of what we have seen on T.V. and in movies. A beautiful lady in her fashionable garb, eating a full course meal with her guests or dancing around the ballroom.

The servants having dinner together after their day was done and dusted. I mean who hasn’t seen Downton Abbey?

However, when you think about the reality of living in a different era, it suddenly doesn’t sound like the fantasy you were expecting. So let’s dive in.

Girl in Victorian Kitchen

The Lindfield Victorian House

We had the opportunity to travel back in time by visiting The Lindfield Victorian House in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What an experience!

Stepping Through The Door

When you arrive, you are welcomed through the door by Katherine Love, the owner of the house and parlourmaid for the day.

Katherine takes you around the house and shows you what it would have been like for a victorian family back in the day.

The most interesting part for me was that the house was not just filled with immaculate antiques but the house itself tells a story. The story of a victorian family.

A mother, a father, the children, the nanny and the son who went off to war. It leads you on an emotional journey guided by all the different artefacts, real artefacts.

Parts of peoples’ lives are displayed in a tapestry or framed on the wall. Lives that now only exist in a photo or the touch of a teacup.

An Old Victorian Organ

Exploring The House Home

There are so many rooms to explore in the house! The drawing-room, the kitchen, the scullery, the many bedrooms, the children’s nursery, the library, the science room and the music room. All filled with so much detail!

Looking at a Victorian Pantry

​Katherine and her late sister even built an intricate dollhouse that perfectly shows off the victorian era.

Looking at a Little Victorian Dollhouse

My absolute favourite moment was when I got to try on a Cage Crinoline, the structured petticoat that was used to hold up a woman’s skirt.

As I said, I love history and what else do I love? FASHION!

I must say even though it looked amazing, I am very glad that we don’t have to wear the Cage Crinolines, hooped skirts or the corsets anymore!

It was difficult for women to walk, sit or move in general. They couldn’t go to the bathroom alone and many women passed out because of the tight corsets… Think about that next time you complain about squeezing into your jeans.

Girl wearing a Cage Crinoline
Girl Trying on a Cage Crinoline

It was a really great experience with so much to see! I really encourage you to go and visit Katherine at the museum.

P.S. It’s not just a museum, it’s actually Kathrine’s home. She is so dedicated to her passion that she lives completely in that era. Interesting!

Back to the visiting, again, I will say please go and check it out!

For some reason MEAN people in the museum association do not see the value in protecting its history. This history is just too precious to lose. If you can support Kathrine please do and if you have any ideas on how to preserve its history then please speak up before it becomes lost forever.

Vital Visitors Information

Contact Details and Booking

You can book online by visiting their website, or by simply sending Katherine an email.

If you’d like a more direct approach, why not give her a call!

Telephone Number (office): (+27)11-726-2932

N.B. All visits have to be pre-booked!

Tours and Times

Katherine Love, the museum owner, graciously guides you on a personal tour of the museum. You can ask questions, explore novelties and take as many pictures as you like (non-commerically that is).

Her knowledge is unquestionable and her passion shines right through! It’s definitely the best way to experience The Lindfield Victorian House.

Tours last between one to two hours and are available from 10am to 5pm every day.

Kitchenware in a Victorian Kitchen

Coffee and Cake

For a little extra, you can be served some coffee (or tea) and cake after your tour. It is alway freshly made in the very kitchen you will tour! How does she bake in that old oven? It must take forever, but it’s certainly delicious.

We enjoyed sitting on the verandah after the tour and chatting with Katherine some more. We had the chance to walk around her garden too, which is also really beautiful.

Having cake and coffee at Lindfield Victorian House

How Much Does It All Cost?




Tour Only



With Tea & Cake



Students and Children enjoy the same rates as pensioners.

Gift vouchers are also available.

Donations are graciously accepted (and very deserved in our opinion), so please bring some extra cash along with you if you can.

N.B. Debit or credit cards are NOT accepted. QR code scan-to-pay apps ARE accepted.

X Marks The Spot

Visitor Reviews We Found

There is a visitor’s book at the Lindfield Victorian House where guests can express their experiences.

A few we read during our visit are quoted below:

A wonderful, fascinating experience. Thank you so much for the opportunity to view your home – so full of antique pieces.

Wonderful! An enlightening and extremely interesting glimpse into the past. It should not be lost!

Most Amazing, a time casual kept with pride. Lovely tour, lovely lady.

Unbelievable! A very special place & lady of the house! Thanks for an amazing tour, your enthusiasm is enthralling. What a regal house! Most wonderful collection. Thank you.

If you also take a step back in time at The Lindfield House Victorian Museum, tell us your take on life back then in the comments below!

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