Visiting The Teletubbies Hill Viewpoint

Couple at Teletubbies Hill on Nusa Penida

What Is Teletubbies Hill?

Teletubbies Hill is a gorgeous remote spot on Nusa Penida, where you can get an eye-opening look at the local life of the people on the island all while admiring the rolling hills and lush (depending on when you come) greenery.

We sat for a while and watched the rolling hills as some locals were working in the fields, carrying woven baskets filled with leaves on their heads. There were a few local children playing in the road too, just trying to get a reaction from us.

It was really an interesting and thought-provoking visit.

However, since we only see at eye level, we couldn’t truly see the beauty of the hills. This is the moment we really wish we had a drone with us, but we don’t regret the visit at all.

That is something to note, this is more of a sit and observe, think about life spot, than a quick visit filled with action spot.

And yes, if you were wondering, the hills are named after the green hills in the famous children’s TV show Teletubbies.

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Teletubbies Hill on Nusa Penida
Man at Teletubbies Hill on Nusa Penida

Where Can I Park?

There are a few parking spots along the way, where you can stop and spend some time. It’s honestly up to you. It’s more of an open area than a place or specific tourist attraction.

A Black Scooter With Two Helmets Parked At Teletubbies Hill

X Marks The Spot

How Much Does Teletubbies Hill Cost?

Absolutely Nothing!

While you’re in the area, we’d suggest trying to smash out these attractions too:
Pura Goa Giri Putri
Manta Point

Couple at Teletubbies Hill on Nusa Penida

Help Me Plan Nusa Penida!

Nusa Penida In A Video

This is it. All you’ll need.

We arranged all of the attractions in the perfect order, planned routes, directions, costs, times, accommodation, meals and secret spots. Literally everything you could ever want and more, in a single video guide.

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Transport To Nusa Penida

You can either take a day trip or come by yourself and stay for longer. A week is the perfect length of stay.

In order to get from Bali to Nusa Penida, you’ll need to catch a speedboat from Sanur Harbour in Bali, which you can book below.

Book here: Sanur to Nusa Penida

Or delve into other Southeast Asia travel options on 12Go Asia.

Transport On The Island

Taxis, tour companies and rental cars are all options, but are less than ideal for the small, not-so-easy-to-navigate roads.

The best move is to rent a motorcycle once you’re there. It cost us IDR 390k to rent a scooter for the week which was a little better of a deal compared to the standard IDR 70k a day.

WARNING: The roads to all the attractions are very bumpy and are not regularly maintained. Be very careful when driving! We have seen many couples slip and fall…

Tell Me About The Nusa Penida Roads.

In spite of all warnings and difficult terrain, driving on Nusa Penida was one of our highlights. It’s just magical! The fresh air, authentic local lifestyle and quiet roads.

Accommodation On Nusa Penida

We’re looking for:
Budget-Friendly ➩ Arie Guesthouse  (We stayed here)
Unique ➩ Penida Bambu Green
Luxury ➩ Kompyang Cottage

Airbnb is our immediate go-to for accommodation booking and there are a lot of options on Nusa Penida!

When you first sign up to Airbnb and book using our code you can score up to R600 off of your first booking and R225 towards an experience!

Where Are You Going After Nusa Penida?

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Ooooh, where does this take me?

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    September 24, 2019 / 10:09 pm

    Were the Teletubbies home? ?

    • DearTravallure
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      Haha, No… I did knock, but nobody answered…♡?

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