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S L O W . L I V I N G - a lifestyle choice. One that encourages us to be more conscious, intentional and meaningful. Learning to live a more balanced life, while adding nourishment to our souls, and improving our quality of life.

I sit still, watching as the waves crash over the sand. Ever so gently they move, back and forth, back and forth. Constantly. I hear the crackle of soft white foam settling on the ground as the rest of the water is pulled back into the vast ocean before me. The wind blows ever so slightly as a flock of seagulls fly overhead. I am entranced by my surroundings. I breathe in and out, the smell of saltwater and seaweed fill my senses. A calming peace gradually begins to break its way through to my anxious mind. I feel a release and my shoulders ease… It’s not enough.

Slowly I get up and make my way down to the wooden steps that lie at the end of the deck, the only thing separating me from the white sand below. Tentatively, I step down. One step, two steps, three steps. My toes touch the sand, they feel cold. I look up at the sky and suddenly an overwhelming joy bubbles up within me. I’m running. A little faster. I push myself, I’m running towards the beckoning turquoise waters.

I stop as my feet touch the cool water. My hands fall to the side like two weights. I turn around to look back towards the house; Byron smiling at me from the deck. Eyes locked and smiles matched, he runs towards me. Hand in hand we begin to spin, faster and faster, laughing more and more, until gravity takes its toll and we can no longer hold our own. We are now merely two souls lying on the fine white sand, laughing about nothing.

It’s misty, a little chilly and a little rainy but none of that really matters. We are here. We made it. We have arrived at one of my favourite places, Not Forgotten, a spectacular beach front home in Yzerfontein.

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What It's Like To Stay At Not Forgotten


Well, let me start off by saying this, this is my dream house! I must have uttered these words a few times during our stay and even now I speak about it still.

There is just something so magical about a white clapboard house along the beachfront, where the peaceful surroundings from the ocean blend into the interior. Blues, whites, light greys, seafoam, woven elements all adding to the tranquil aesthetic of the home.

It reminds me of an old romance novel, almost like I could see Ali and Noah from The Notebook running about the house. Her sitting on the deck painting the ocean view in front of her, echoing giggles throughout the rooms and beachfront picnics with the sun setting before them. 

Not Forgotten has four rooms in total and can sleep up to 8 people, making it a great place to come with your family and friends for a weekend getaway.

There is a large kitchen and prep area with ample dining room seating inside, as well as outside on the patio, ensuring you and your loved ones are always close by and the act of fellowship over good food and wine is never lost.

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Not Forgotten is a self-catering home that is more than fully equipped and where the art of slow living should be practised once again.

Food is nourishment to our bodies, it brings us together and, oftentimes, so much of our time revolves around the table.

Embrace it. Whether it be cosy mornings and late breakfasts or late-night family feasts.

Use food and the preparation of it to bring a slower pace to your life.

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Rest & Restore

The key here is to do nothing. Rest, breath in the fresh salt water-filled air all around you, laugh and converse with family and friends. Lose yourself in the music of the world around you. Eat, drink, and then do it again.

Sit on the window nook and read, take a nap, walk around and take it all in. Restore.

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The Perfect Time To Visit Not Forgotten

Let’s Simplify:

Summers (December to February) – warm/hot, little chance of rain, great for a beach day.

Autumn (March to May) 

Winter (June to August) – cold, high chance of rain.

Spring (September to November) – If you are a bird watcher or a wildflower enthusiast, this is your time.

P.S. Between July and January, you might be able to spot whales and dolphins.

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Must-Have Experiences Near Yzerfontein

Enjoy Traditional Dutch Food At Café Rene

Byron and I are both of Dutch descent so it was really cool for us to see some of the traditional Dutch food on offer like Poffertjies and Kroketten.

WAlk The 16-Mile Beach

Visit the Strandkombuis

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Explore The West Coast National Park

West Coast National Park is absolutely beautiful. It is a great spot for wildflower viewing, has some amazing pristine beaches and very cool braai spots.

Visit The Town Of Darling

Yzerfontein is just a ± 25km drive away from the town of Darling. Take a day out to go and explore all Darling has to offer.

Who Should Visit & How Long You Should Stay

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Family & Friends

How long should you stay? That is up to you. Although it’s a great place for a quick weekend escape with you and 7 of your friends, a week really allows you the right amount of time to arrive, explore and restore.


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How Do I Get To Not Forgotten?

Best of all, Yzerfontein is a mere hour and a half’s drive from Cape Town. 

I'm Sold - How Do I Book?

Not Forgotten is managed by Perfect Hideaways. I would book directly through their site. All of their contact information is on the website plus there is a message board available so you can easily get a hold of them from the Not Forgotten page.

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