Kelingking Beach || Our Journey and Guide

Kelingking Beach

Probably the most popular thing to do on Nusa Penida is to visit the famous Kelingking Beach. This view is one of the prettiest we have seen to date. Shades of electric blue and pacific blue water blend together perfectly before the waves come crashing down on the beach. It’s breathtaking!

Our Journey to Kelingking Beach

We woke up relatively early to begin our journey to Kelingking Beach. We had breakfast at around 7:00 am and set off shortly after that.

The roads were still quiet as many tourists come for one-day trips, which typically only leave the Sanur harbor in Bali at around 8:30 in the morning.

While driving we felt as if we had the place to ourselves! Birds chirping, sunlight streaming through the trees, locals walking up and down the very narrow roads with baskets carefully balancing on their heads. Dodging chickens as they cross the road! It all seemed unreal, we couldn’t help but have huge smiles on our faces and eyes wide with wonder…

WARNING: The roads to all the attractions are very bumpy and are not regularly maintained. Be very careful when driving! Byron and I drove a bike in Thailand for 2 years and there were still times on the island where we almost slid out and we watched many young couples fall! Be careful! …but also, it’s not impossible…

After a good 45 minute ride, we made it to Kelingking Beach. Which was now beginning to get a little busier.

Where to Park?

As you get closer to Kelingking Beach, there will be some locals sitting by a little hut, they will come up to you and ask you for a small parking fee. Then they will point you in the direction you need to drive. You will see the car and bike parking spaces. Just look for the other bikes and follow them. There are also guys down the bottom guiding you where to park.

I am here, now what?

You will have a very short walk on the road alongside the parking lot, past some new restaurants and then you will be there.

When you first see it, it will take you a while to realize what you are looking at. We had seen Kelingking all over Instagram, and we are fully aware of editing pictures and adding blue to ‘non-blue waters’, but this was real, unedited and unbelievably breathtaking!

Kelingking Beach

On one side of us, we had the unbelievably blue waters and T-Rex Mountain (Can you see the T-Rex?) and on the other side, we watched little, mischievous monkeys stealing food from the Balinese altars.

The Walk Down to KelingKing Beach

There are steps and a pathway that lead down to the beach below. When we went, two local men were busy creating the steps leading down to the ocean below. We watched them go up and down carrying heavy cement bags over their shoulders, barefoot, staring and smiling at the tourists as we slowly made our way down in our awesome sneakers, holding on to the bamboo railing with our cameras in hand. We have so much respect for them! What a thankless job!

Now, I (Tammy) am not too excited about heights. So we only got a little way down before I decided I wasn’t able to go further. However, you are able to go all the way down to the bottom and we believe it takes a good 45 minutes, down and up.

Tammy trying to look brave while walking down the stairs at Kelingking Beach.
Tammy trying to look brave!

A Different View – Kelingkings Secret Viewpoint

We walked back up, passed one of the restaurants at the top of the hill with an awesome lookout deck and went off to a secret spot just to the left. There we had a lot of fun taking some different pictures of us at the place. Byron even climbed a tree to get the shot! Be careful as there is no railing here, just a sheer drop!

We had what we needed and it was time to head off to our next stop: Bulian Beach.

Time to answer some questions that might be eating away at your brain.

Is Kelingking Beach Swimmable?

Yes, you can, which is fantastic because the water looks so inviting! However, be cautious the waves are VERY strong and if you are not a strong swimmer you could get swept away into the ocean.

If you are a strong swimmer go for it!

Waves crashing onto the shore of Kelingking Beach.

How much does it cost?

Cost: There is no charge to go down to the beach. There is only a parking charge for your bike or car. We paid IDR 5000 each to park our bike.

Best Time to Visit Kelingking Beach?

Hours: To avoid crowds, we suggest either arriving before 10:00 am or after 16:00 pm. Many people come here on one-day trips and at some point, they all need to get home and it becomes a lot quieter.

The beach is open 24 hours a day but we recommend that you don’t stay too late for two reasons.

  1. The waves on the beach are rough and the hike back up to the top takes about 45 minutes. Not fun in the pitch dark!
  2. Also, the drive back is really bumpy and it is difficult to see the massive potholes in the dark.
Side View of the secret viewpoint on Kelingking Beach.
You can see one of the secret viewpoints at the top of the cliff on the right

How Do I Get There?

Nusa Penida

If you are visiting from Bali, you can take a day trip to Nusa Penida and Kelingking Beach will almost always be on the list of things to do!

You can also go by yourself and spend a little longer on the island, which we highly recommend! We ended up staying for a week!

In order to get there, you will have to travel from Sanur harbor in Bali by speedboat or ferry to Nusa Penida. We were told our 30-minute speedboat trip would take 45, but it was a lot quicker than that. We used a company called “Crown Fast Cruises“.

Book here: Sanur to Nusa Penida

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking beach is located on the Southwest Coast of Nusa Penida. This is probably one of the most difficult drives, so try and smash out these other attractions on the same day:
Broken Beach & Angels Billabong
Bulian Beach

X Marks The Spot

Location to Kelingking Beach

How Do I Get Around on Nusa Penida?

Once on the island, you will have to rent a bike or scooter! It cost us IDR 390k for the week which was a little better of a deal compared to the standard IDR 70k a day. The island is just too big to walk. Also, since the island isn’t as built up yet, they only have one well-maintained main route that connects all of the attractions, which means that you will have to travel about 45 minutes between each attraction.

It’s worth mentioning that we absolutely loved driving here, gladly cruising for 3 or more hours a day because of the spectacular scenery, quiet roads, authentic local lifestyle and fresh air. Our favourite spot to unleash the motorcycle yet.

Where to stay on Nusa Penida?

There are many accommodation options on Nusa Penida. It all really depends on what you are looking for and what your price range is.
We also recommend using Airbnb since they have a lot more budget-friendly options.

We are looking for Budget-FriendlyArie Guesthouse
We are looking for UniquePenida Bambu Green
We are looking for LuxuryKompyang Cottage

When you first sign up to Airbnb and book using our code you can score up to R600 off of your first booking and R225 towards an experience!

Byron admiring Kelingking Beach.
Byron taking in the view of Kelingking.

We hope you enjoy Kelingking Beach as much as we did! Let us know about your experience in the comments below.


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