The little Fishing Village That Stole Our hearts


Byron and Tammy having a picnic

The Ultimate Hondeklipbaai Travel Guide

This is what travel is all about. These are the moments that shape us and the memories that call out our names. This is why we venture out onto the open road. It’s to find these hidden gems, like Hondeklipbaai. 

What exactly is Hondeklipbaai? Geographically it is a small coastal village in the Namakwa district of the Northern Cape. Just 117 km south-west of Springbok, where many a Namaqualand flower adventure has begun.

Emotionally, Hondeklipbaai is an escape from an over-indulged society, it is the calm in a storm, it is a local village with a story, it is an opportunity for personal growth and understanding, it is a reminder of a slower life, of community and friendship, a symphony of waves crashing on the ocean, fishermen footsteps passing back and forth and singsong by candlelight, it is an experience not to be missed.

Our adventure began on an isolated dirt road as we travelled, to an isolated village, named after an isolated rock: Hondeklipbaai or Dog Stone Bay.

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