Tibumana Waterfall

Byron and Tammy underneath a wedding arbour in front of Tibumana waterfall

Experience one of the most beautiful and underrated waterfalls that Bali has to offer – Tibumana Waterfall.

Our Tibumana Waterfall Story

Chapter I: Setting Off

Tibumana Waterfall has to be one of our favourite places to visit in Ubud, Bali.

We set off early one morning – jackets, buffs and helmets intact. The crisp, fresh early morning air stroking our cheeks, and keeping our noses chilly. The sunlight streaming through the copious thick trees in the jungle and the rows of dreamy palm trees. The local people walking about, tending to their rice fields and animals, and visiting the early-morning markets.

The whole thing felt magical and painted the perfect setting for the rest of the day!

Chapter II: Arriving (Too) Early

When we first arrived at the waterfall, there was no-one guarding the entrance yet. We were too early.

The friendly locals walking around hollered at us from the fields to continue, with huge smiles on their faces, as they pointed us in the right direction.

We drove down through the beautiful palm tree-lined road and parked our bike outside the temple.

As we made our way down, that same early morning light was still streaming through the trees… The birds were chirping, the only noises present were the sounds of nature and, if you listened carefully, in the distance you could hear the rumbling of the waterfall drawing nearer with every step you took. It was honestly marvellous, just thinking about it gives us goosebumps!

When we reached the bottom, we were pleasantly surprised to see a team of wedding planners actively setting up for a wedding! WOW! What a CHARMING and GLORIOUS place to have a wedding! (And we thought we were early…)

View of the Tibumana Waterfall from a Distance

Chapter III: Our Short Time At The Waterfall

We approached the wedding team and asked if we could get in and take some pictures before the guests arrived.

They were very happy to oblige and even let us take some photos with the floral arch while they were setting up.

We got in the chilly water (we arrived early, see chapter 2, haha), took some photos and just took in the majesty of the waterfall. It was an unbelievable turquoise shade!

Couple in the water at Tibumana Waterfall

It felt like a dream. Eventually, one of the wedding planners came up to us and told us that the bride and groom were about to make their way down.

We quickly got dressed, packed up our stuff and ran back up the stairs. We waited in the midst of the jungle and watched as the bride and groom made their way down to the waterfall, wishing them luck and smiling as they passed.

Then we quietly spent some more time admiring the dense jungle and its fauna and flora before making our way back up to the parking lot. The sun still streaming so majestically through the trees…

Light streaming through the trees at Tibumana Waterfall

The most amazing memory to have, one we will cherish forever!

What To Expect When Visiting Tibumana Waterfall

Probably not a wedding – those are reserved for our visits! All kidding aside, Tibumana Waterfall is one of the most magical places we have ever been.

Arriving And Parking

Before you arrive you will reach a little hut where you will be charged an entrance fee. Drive a further 5 minutes (along a stunning palm tree lined road) until you reach a temple in front of you and a local warung (restaurant) to your right.

Park in front of the temple.

Walking To The Waterfall

After parking, find the pathway on the right of the temple to the waterfall.

As you walk down the stairs, you can hear the rushing water getting louder as you draw nearer. The walk is short and safe, there are a few stairs and wooden pathways but nothing major or strenuous.

In fact, this is probably the easiest walk to a waterfall in Ubud we have come across.

Walking down the stairs to get to Tibumana Waterfall

There are a few huts along the way, where locals sit and keep watch. Adding some extra safety to visiting tourists.

What Can You Do At Tibumana?

You are allowed to swim in the water and we highly recommend it! But be careful of debris that could fall from the waterfall at any time.

As calm and beautiful as the waterfall looks, it does pack quite a punch, so be careful when getting close to it.

A common practice is to arrive, plant your feet firmly on the soil and meditate. With the ambience, mist, rich smell and seclusion – it’s the perfect place to rejuvenate your soul.

The walk there is also a journey in itself, with so many beautiful flowers and plants to enjoy, wooden bridges, the river and even another small waterfall.

What Amenities Are There?

There is a bathroom / change room block down by the waterfall.

Of course there is also the warung at the top where you parked.

How Much Does It Cost?

While driving you will encounter a little hut before the waterfall. It will cost you IDR 10K per person to enter.

If you go early, like us, there may be nobody around to pay. Don’t worry, you can always pay the entrance fee on your way out.

The entrance fee is a fair price for the traction it receives on a daily basis! Somebody has to maintain it.

When To Visit Tibumana Waterfall

The waterfall apparently stays open from 6 am to 6 pm. We arrived at around 6:30 am and the place was empty, besides the wedding crew of course.

We left at around 8 am and then noticed some people beginning to arrive. So we would definitely suggest coming in the early morning, or as early as your sleep patterns allow!

The water is also a seasonal thing so try and avoid coming during the wet season because then all the water, dirt and sand combine to become a muddy mess. So, if you are looking for that turquoise blue water, the best time to come would be between April – September. We visited in June 2019.

X Marks The Spot

View of the Tibumana Waterfall and the surrounding fauna

Pollution Alert!

Sadly, along with many other places in Bali and around the world, there is the issue of pollution. The cave by Tibumana waterfall was full of plastic and paper waste when we visited. This is just not acceptable! How do we expect mother nature to take care of us when we don’t take care of her…

We suggest bringing along a “waste bag” with you wherever you go, pick up some litter along the way and leave nothing but your footprints and your thanks. Even if you don’t pick up the waste of others, at least take yours with you.

There are many organisations and bloggers contributing to save the environment and many have started their own methods to help, join in on one and make a difference!

Check out some of our favourites like the Journey Era and the Adventure Bag Initiative or the Dharma Trails for amazing eco travel advice and tips on sustainable living.

A Video Guide To Ubud

Tibumana Waterfall was definitely one of our favourite places in Ubud, but there are a whole lot more!

We have created an entire itinerary for Ubud, including costs, times, locations, days, tops & tricks and everything you would need to pack up tomorrow…

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Where To Go After Tibumana Waterfall?

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