Africa is the second largest and second most populated continent on our planet. We are rich in geography, in minerals and in cultures – yet it is a continent that doesn’t get much attention for the good reasons it should. Far too few exciting travel plans begin with “let’s go to Africa” and that’s something we want to change!

The more we travel, the more we are met with incredible ingenuity, sustainable alternatives, utterly unique experiences and even luxury that is out of this world… and we have only just begun.

Highlights From Exploring Africa

There are certain things you just have to do, for example, hiking in the Drakensberg in South Africa! However, we went on a slackpacking trail instead and that was awesome. You get to be in the mountains, yet have hardly anything on your back and each evening is met with luxury dinners and comfy beds.

Then, of course, there’s sleeping in a luxury cave. I promise we have slept under the stars and in actual caves before – but who can say “no” to a cave with a massive bed and jacuzzi? Not us I’ll tell you.

Where to next?

We are still very much travelling in Africa and starting with our home country, South Africa. So you should see this category start filling up very soon! The plan is then to slowly move up the continent and capture our favourite moments from some lesser-known gems that Africa has to offer.

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