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Our Story + How Dear Travallure STarted

Dear Travallure was created for those souls who long for the freedom of the open road, those who long to feel the warm embers of the campfire against their hands, and hear the ocean waves as they gently crash against the shore. 

A haven for those looking to expand and escape all at once. It is also a space where we want to affect positive change, share our message by exploring what really matters and create a refreshing oasis and loving space for all humans alike. 

We hope to inspire you with our curated travel guides, laughable travel memories, and travel tips. 

Our aim is to keep learning and to bring you along on the journey. 

Hopefully we will create a ripple effect, starting with ourselves!


I aspire to live a life of value and am determined to always have fun. These are the two criteria I evaluate all my life decisions by: is it going to be awesome? Will it add value to others or ourselves?

Growing up everyone (myself included) expected me to enter into a technical field. Before making the decision to study film, I had been offered a full bursary to study aeronautical engineering. Turning that down in order to incur tonnes of debt and pursue a life in the arts goes against everything a logical person can rationalise… However, it was the best decision I had ever made.

I completed my honours in 2016 and have had quite the eclectic selection of jobs since then. From working as an experience host at a trampoline park, to installing fibre optics, to an admin assistant and creative consultant. Two of the most impactful positions must be lecturing screenwriting and teaching English in Thailand (hey, maybe I just like teaching too?).

Whenever I look back I feel so blessed to have been granted the opportunities I have already been and it just reinforces my beliefs to change the world. The most powerful change I can implement is in myself, but I strongly aspire to use the skills, talents and opportunities I’ve been blessed with to share the beauty I see, tell the stories that need to be heard and be an unrelenting force of positivity.

With respect to Dear Travallure 

I work with various companies to complete social media marketing campaigns, from automotive adverts to charity drives to event coverage and story telling. My primary responsibility is in the creation of our video content, dubbed “the artist behind the lens who directs all projects from inception to delivery.”






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When thinking about what I should write – these are the random thoughts that came to mind:

1) I can’t decide whether I love the ocean, forest or mountains more…but since I wrote it in this order, I guess I got my answer.

2) I love to cosy up with a hot drink while reading a good book. Coffee, Matcha and Turmeric lattes are high up on that list.

3) I love to watch the early morning light streaming through the trees.

4) I am a lover of Essential Oils, Slow Living and Gut Health.

5) I am serving a good God.

6) The most important thing to know is: my favourite movie is Peter Pan. The Live-action one by P.J Hogan. If you like it too, we can be friends.

However on a more professional note.

My role in Dear Travallure is to edit and manage all of our social media content, online marketing and handle the business correspondence, collaborations and sponsorships.

During my studies, I specialised in Costume Design, Beauty Makeup, Special Effects Makeup as well as the art of Film Production.


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Where it all began...

We met while studying film back in 2015. I was sitting in the quad with my friends when Byron walked up to me, held up a coin and made it vanish in front of my eyes. By the time I had registered what was going on, he had confidently sat down opposite me and we began our first conversation…

That’s where our friendship began. 

Later on in the year I got the lead role in Byron’s graduation film and while the film was in post-production we started seeing each other more and more. Just as friends of course.

However, the closer we became as friends, the more we realised we were like two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. 
So, on the night of the film’s premier in cinema and unknowingly to me, he asked me out at 23:40 on the 28th November 2015.

As time passed, Byron become a screenwriting lecturer at our university and I eventually entered into my final year.
We had to make the decision: what was next?
The answer? TRAVEL! We packed our bags, headed for Thailand and began to travel together across countries, cities and towns – and that’s where you’ve caught us. We are so excited to plot out the rest of our adventures and would love it if you joined us for the journey as we add to our story.

Where have we been?

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