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Thailand, the land of smiles.

You will be blown away by the welcoming culture, inviting community and relaxed lifestyle. The “Mai bpen Rai” ideal will make its way into your heart as you explore this tropical paradise.

with waters that are out of this world, unparalleled natural beauty and rich religious heritage that is unsurpassed – we Welcome you to our second home.

Here's what you can expect

It’s beautiful here!

The best time to visit Thailand is between November and early April. However, it depends on where in Thailand you are going.

Northern Thailand consists of mountains and tropical greenery. They have a warm dry season, a rainy season and they also have a cool season – a “pretend winter”.

Whereas Southern Thailand only has a warm and dry season and a rainy season.

P.S. It can get HOT!

January: Dry Season (Blue Skies & Sunshine) ☀

February: Dry Season (Blue Skies & Sunshine) ☀

March: Dry Season (Blue Skies & Sunshine) ☀

April: Dry Season (Blue Skies & Sunshine) ☀

☁️ May: Rainy Season (expect short bursts of rain) ☁️

☁️ June: Rainy Season (expect short bursts of rain) ☁️

🌧 July: Monsoon Season (expect lots of rain) 🌧

🌧 August: Monsoon Season (expect lots of rain) 🌧

🌧 September: Monsoon Season (expect lots of rain) 🌧

🌧October: Monsoon Season (expect lots of rain) 🌧

November: Dry Season (Blue Skies & Sunshine) ☀

December: Dry Season (Blue Skies & Sunshine) ☀

P.P.S. Schools are on break from mid-March to the end of April and for the whole of October.

In Thailand, they speak Thai.

Dialects and accents change dramatically from various regions across the country, but it’s mostly the same.

Thailand uses the Thai Baht.

1 ZAR = THB 2.30

1 USD = THB 32.00

1 EUR = THB 36.00

1 GBP = THB 38.00

You are more likely to use cash than your card when in Thailand, so make sure you have money on you! Markets, small stores and informal traders almost never have card facilities. There are many ATMs scattered around, but if in doubt, just try to find your nearest 7/11, there’s sure to be an ATM there.

These exchange rates are very rough 5-year averages, just so you can get an idea.

We’d highly recommend renting a motorcycle and driving yourself (remember to get your International Driver’s Licence before leaving your home country).

  • Motorbike taxis are cheap and easy to come by.
  • Taxi hailing apps like Grab and GoJek work in most (more populated) provinces.
  • Buses are cheap and easy to use, but slow.
  • Trains are also cheap and easy, but don’t come regularly.
  • Skytrains are quick, reliable and busy.
  • Songtaews are great if you know their routes (you can ask the drivers or locals).
  • Khlong Boats are fun but often very busy.
  • If you use a regular taxi, be sure to use the meter.
  • Agree on a price with Tuk-Tuks before getting in.

There are so many ways to get around Thailand and everyone is so friendly, so if you’re ever in doubt, just ask someone!

Here’s the Bangkok transport cheat sheet.

Type A, B and C plug points at 230V/50Hz.

Click here for images and more info.

  1. Bangkok’s real name is the longest city name in history (or more simply Krung Thep).
  2. Red Bull has its roots in Thailand.
  3. The largest weekend market on the planet calls Thailand its home.
  4. Thailand is the biggest exporter of rubber.
  5. It is illegal to step on Thai money as the King’s face is printed on it.
  6. It is extremely rude to point your feet at people or religious iconography – so it’s never a good time kick off your shoes and put up your feet.
  7. Although you should remove your shoes when entering a house or temple.
  8. Avoid touching a Thai person’s head for any reason as it is considered the holiest part of the body (the closest to the heavens).
  9. It is illegal to leave the house without underwear… I don’t think you’ll be checked, but rather not risk it!
  10. There is a flag ceremony at 8am and 6pm each day where everyone stops what they’re doing and sings the national anthem – you should stop respectfully too (no talking either!)
  11. Bangkok is also the hottest city on earth.
  12. For good reason, Thailand’s nickname is the land of smiles.

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